AIR RACE X 2024 Race 1 予選公式結果

Race 1 予選公式結果発表

AIR RACE X 2024シリーズ第1戦の予選公式結果が発表されました。

LEXUS PATHFINDER AIR RACINGチームの室屋義秀選手は予選1位が確定し、8ポイントを獲得。



AIR RACE X 公式YouTubeチャンネルで配信予定です。是非ご覧ください。

The official qualifying results for the first round of the AIR RACE X 2024 series have been announced.

Yoshihide Muroya from the LEXUS PATHFINDER AIR RACING team qualified in 1st place with 8 qualifying points.

He will face Mica Brajou of France, who qualified 8th, in the quarterfinals of the final tournament.

The Final Tournament will be streamed on the official AIR RACE X YouTube channel on Sunday, May 26th at 8pm Japan time.
Please be sure to check it out.